Michael Weiss, Visionary Technology Platform Builder

Infusionsoft Expert, Online Lead Generation & Closing Expert, Motivational Recruiter, Fortune 500 Senior Management Experience, Financial Services

The visionary behind PraxisNow’s automated webinar detailed sales funnel is Michael Weiss.  Mr. Weiss is considered in the top 5% of all Infusionsoft users in both his understanding and hands-on experience with the program.  As a former partner at PraxisNow, Mike designed all of the automated sales funnels resulting in millions of dollars in sales. His groundbreaking metrics analytics and refinement processes have sparked double-digit growth in lead generation, conversions and retentions.  Prior to partnering with John Assaraf and PraxisNow in 2010, Mike founded one marketing technology companies, Internet Sales Experts.  The services included providing lead generation, sales, customer support and operational consulting services to business owners.

Mr. Weiss has more than twenty-six years of successfully marketing, selling, managing and nurturing high-level relationships with C-level executives at Fortune 500 companies. He held Senior VP positions with major financial services companies such as Oppenheimer & Company and PaineWebber,  working almost exclusively with business owners and public and private corporate executives.

He co-founded and developed the financial industry’s first global consolidated performance reporting company and systems innovator, GreenTrak.  The company’s next-generation programs integrate and automate financial sales, marketing, customer management, communication, follow-up, internal work flow, billing and collections, overseeing $25 billion of assets for some of the largest North American accounting and brokerage firms at the time of its sale to a public company.  Mike also founded Frontier Financial Advisors, a leading boutique investment advisory firm that revolutionized the client communication channel, and that continues to maintain an “A” level network of expert advisors, investment bankers, business owners and high-net-worth investors. 

Mike has consistently been on the leading edge of innovation, capitalizing on new trends in networking, Web 2.0, email and web based conversion, systems automation and video distribution, as well as developing innovative digital branding, video and channel delivery strategies. In addition to his Economics degree he has continually expanded his education and training with some of the world’s best marketing minds, including John Assaraf, Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham and many others.