Are You Selling A Product Or A Dream?

Is your shopping cart just a shopping cart? Have you mastered the art of ambiance?

Take a good look at the woman in this photo. As she does her Internet shopping, she is not thinking about any of the things that we as Internet marketers spend most of our waking hours thinking about: the headline, font, copy writing, graphics, placement, color balance, usability, shopping cart, etc. She is entirely immersed in the dream state.

All too often, we fall into the trap of trying to sell to the man on the right. He doesn't look like he wants to be shopping. Nor does it look like he's having any fun. Nor is the store decorated in such a manner as to evoke ambiance.

Granted, there are times when ambiance B will yield better results than ambiance A. That's where analytics comes in. And that's why we do A/B split and multivariate testing. For us, the most attractive website is not necessarily the "best looking." The most attractive website is... the best selling.

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